Mega City: a world formerly united and prosperous. Blue skies, fun rides, and bright lights have given way to Buster zones, zombie waves, and incredible fights. Busters, equipped with Glow powered weapons, are the only thing standing between Mega City and the invasion.
Brawl Busters is an online action combat game that features innovative gameplay and a signature offbeat style like no other. Players can duke it out online using one of five incredibly unique classes: Boxer, Firefighter, Rocker, Slugger, and Blitzer. With a variety of single-player, multi-player, and co-op modes available, Brawl Busters has something for everyone.

  • Twisted cartoon world featuring high quality graphics and incredible animations.
  • Intuitive controls and seamless interface allows players to focus on the competition.
  • 5 player classes with unique primary, secondary, and special attacks.
  • Fully customizable characters: Weapons, outfits, accessories, and more.
  • Interactive Environments: Destroy objects to earn power-ups, get high-ground advantage, teleport to new areas, and avoid environment hazards.
  • Combos: Chain attacks together to inflict extra damage and critical hits.